You’ll find us tucked amongst the creative spaces of Rene Street, Noosaville, where we distil and share a premium range of gins and aperitifs, limited releases and unique experiences.

Here, we’re committed to celebrating Noosa’s thriving culture, creating small-batch spirits made from an infusion of local botanicals, designed to be served with a dash of knowledge and appreciation at our open-plan bar.

We invite you to pull up a chair amongst our copper pot stills and enjoy a gin-blending class, distillery tour, or even to simply sip on one of our signature serves because those who seek the story of Noosa seek out Seabourne.

our Head Distiller

Thiago Lopes

Seabourne’s creative ship is helmed by Thiago Lopes.

One part strategic engineer, the other a passionate naturalist. Like a king tide, Thiago’s career seemed always drawn to the shores of spirit-making.

His obsession sparked with the birth of Brazil’s experimental microbrewing renaissance, Thiago sold bottles of homebrew from the back of a pushbike, all while mastering his degree in mechanical engineering.

Arriving in Australia in 2017, he married both his passions: complex mechanics and the chemistry of spirit creation. He has since become one of the country’s most exciting new distilling talents, forging his reputation for complex and distinctive spirits at some of Australia’s most innovative independent distilleries.

Distillery Tours

Swing by for a distillery tour to experience our distinctive spirits and venue first-hand. Our distilling team will guide you through how we  harness the truest flavours of the land and sea in our custom copper pot still. Finish it off with our signature serves featuring our Coastal Dry Gin and Berry Blush Gin.